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Robin D. Stone is a New York City based psychotherapist, coach and consultant who works to help you achieve your most optimal self. 

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counseling & psychotherapy

I provide an affirming space, a sympathetic ear, insight and constructive questions to help you relate to and navigate your world. We'll identify and use your strengths to respond in healthy ways to life stressors such as relationship and work conflict, trauma, grief and loss, insecurity and change. My approach is grounded in theory yet responsive to your distinct needs. I view therapy through a narrative, multicultural, womanist lens; that means a heightened awareness of how culture influences your self- and worldview. Against that backdrop, we'll use our working relationship to explore how thoughts, feelings and actions are related, and how you can overcome obstacles to live, love, grow and thrive.

You can find me at Positive Psychology Associates in Manhattan.




I take a holistic approach to wellness, which means I look at how all areas of your life are connected. Does stress at the job or in your relationship lead you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy keep you from exercising? On some level, we know that what you eat affects how well you feel and how well you live. I'll help you internalize that knowledge so you're instinctively making the healthiest decisions for yourself and your family every day. We'll explore how lifelong habits can be reimagined and reconstructed. We'll increase whole foods in your diet, reduce cravings, increase sleep and maximize energy. As we work together, you’ll make lasting changes that help you look and feel your best.


Storytelling for Healing

Trained in Transformative Language Arts, I use narrative techniques to promote whole-body wellness. I am also a published author and journalist and draw from a long history of supporting women and men who seek to access and write their stories. Whether it's committing to a workshop or a writing practice, I'm here to help you get get your perspective on the page. Through guided writing, you can fearlessly explore the meaning behind relationships and life events, and connect to your hopes and desires.


presenting and Consulting

I have presented to dozens of professional, community, fraternal, faith and advocacy organizations in the last 20 years. 

As a versatile a speaker and workshop facilitator, I bring topical wellness programming to businesses, colleges and organizations through interactive and engaging events. I can tailor a workshop or presentation to meet your specific needs. 

Consider my extensive experience and let me know of your interests in developing relevant programming here.